SpectraBound Tile: Rubber Playground Tile

Safety Playground Surfacing

SpectraBound Tile rubber playground safety surface reduces the risk of injury associated with falls from playground equipment, but also provides unique designs and comfortable walkways for parks, playgrounds, and other play areas. SpectraBound Tile is used for a wide range of play applications such as patio play areas, daycare and school activity areas, fast food restaurant play areas, shopping mall play areas, and other community spaces. Everyone can enjoy play on our unique and durable rubber tile surface!

SpectraBound Tile safety playground surfacing may be used to provide ADA access to existing playgrounds, to retrofit existing play areas, or to fill entire new playgrounds with quality rubber surfacing that stays in place during use.

The factory-molded tiles are available in three top designs: Pigmented, EPDM, and UltraTop. The playground tiles with the highest durability and longevity is UltraTop. With this system, a super high-density 3mm layer of Spectra EPDM granule sheeting is molded directly into the tile. UltraTop is the highest density top layer available, providing superior durability and an expected life that is more than 100% longer than other rubber playground tiles. This means your play area not only looks better for longer, but it also means lower long-term costs.

SpectraBound Tile System Data

  • Factory-molded tiles
  • 24”x24” tiles with varying thicknesses
  • Colors: Pigmented top in 4 standard plus blends and special requests, EPDM top in 20 plus blends, UltraTop in 14 blends and black
  • Porous tiles may be installed over concrete or asphalt surfaces
  • Typically used outdoors
  • Conforms to ADA requirements
  • IPEMA Certified
    • ASTM F1292 for head impact protection
    • ASTM F1951 for wheelchair accessibility
  • Available for LEED® credits and our Ecore™ TRUcircularity™ Program
Beige SpectraBound tile product sample

Top Designs

  • Pigmented Top: Available in 6’ & 8’ versions, Pigmented tops use a colorful pigmented polyurethane binder to adhere rubber particles together. Pigmented tops comprise the majority of tile projects, and are available in four basic colors: red, blue, green, black. Grey, brown and beige are available at special request. Colors can be mixed.
  • EPDM Top: Available in 6’ & 8’ versions, EPDM granule tops feature any of our 24 Spectra EPDM colors, custom-molded into the playground safety tile. The Spectra EPDM allows an endless amount of color possibilities, and may even be mixed to match our SpectraPour or SpectraPour CA play surfacing systems (not SpectraPour Supreme, which uses a different granule type).
  • UltraTop: Available in 6’ & 8’ versions, UltraTop features a super high-density 3 mm layer of Spectra EPDM granule sheeting molded directly into the tile. UltraTop comes in 14 color mixes and black. They are the highest density top layer available.

System Specifications

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Data & Details

Warning: Like so many surfaces – including asphalt, sand, metal and plastic, all of which can be found on playground environments – rubber surfaces will get hot when exposed to direct sunlight. SpectraTurf strongly recommends that children wear shoes when playing or walking on any rubber surface, regardless of the manufacturer or specific type of surface.