Loose Rubber Mulch

Playground Safety Surfacing

SpectraTurf’s Loose Rubber Mulch is a safe and durable option for any outdoor application with play areas or playground equipment. Our Loose Rubber Mulch is softer and more springy than wood chips, and it requires up to 50% less material than engineered wood fiber or wood mulch.

Loose Rubber Mulch drains well, returning kids to play sooner. It also is less likely to float away in normal rains, making it easier to maintain with a little raking. Kids stay cleaner with our Loose Rubber Mulch than with wood mulch: rubber mulch does not create dust, decompose, splinter, or absorb water. Because it doesn’t rot or break down, Loose Rubber Mulch does not need to be replenished annually, and it does not attract insects or fungus.

Our Loose Rubber Mulch is ideal for schools, public playgrounds, and any outdoor play areas. It is made of 100% recycled materials, conforms to ADA requirements, and is IPEMA Certified.

Loose Rubber Mulch Data

  • One-layer loose fill system
  • Available in 5 colors (colors can be mixed)
  • Typically for outdoor use
  • Conforms to ADA requirements
  • Available for our Ecore™ TRUcircularity™ Program

System Specifications

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Data & Details

Warning: Like so many surfaces – including asphalt, sand, metal and plastic, all of which can be found on playground environments – rubber surfaces will get hot when exposed to direct sunlight. SpectraTurf strongly recommends that children wear shoes when playing or walking on any rubber surface, regardless of the manufacturer or specific type of surface.