About SpectraTurf

SpectraTurf is an innovative leader in manufacturing and installing rubberized playground safety surfacing, utilizing both pre-consumer and post-consumer reclaimed material components. SpectraTurf is a subsidiary of Pennsylvania-based Ecore International. Ecore and its subsidiaries are the largest processors and users of recycled rubber in the western hemisphere. Ecore manufactures sports and recreation surfacing, commercial flooring, construction materials, and automotive and aerospace components.

Diverse Applications

Poured-in-place, tile, and artificial turf systems are available in a variety of colors for a wide array of applications. SpectraTurf surfaces are used at schools, parks, daycare centers, fitness facilities, military bases, quick-serve restaurants, hospitality, shopping centers, and homeowner playgrounds. Wherever there are areas for people to gather and enjoy safe, clean community spaces, SpectraTurf has a solution. Our porous surfaces are highly weather resistant and provide customers with a virtually maintenance-free play surface.

Quality Materials and Installation

We use the best materials so our rubber play surfaces are clean, safe, and made to last. Our experienced installers know how to make a rubber playground safety surface come alive! They are skilled at pulling together unique ideas from clients and making a vision become a reality, no matter the scope. More importantly, our quality installations last. Our work is done fast, right, and on budget. Plus, customers appreciate our friendly service and helpful support – before, during, and after installation.

Seamless Project Management

While proof of product quality takes years to demonstrate, people quality is easy to spot. You’ll quickly learn that SpectraTurf excels in project management … from staying on top of every detail from bid and specification through construction and closeout to carefully adhering to schedules and budgets. Another key component is having on-staff installation crews, which helps us control quality and schedule better than other surfacing companies that utilize sub-contractors. At the end of the day, we can confidently guarantee our work because it’s our own people who are delivering the quality product and service.

Rigorous Product Testing

SpectraTurf adheres to the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s guidelines for public playgrounds. A thorough third-party, laboratory-testing program ensures that all products meet the CPSC surfacing standard. We also perform continual testing on all raw materials used in our systems for quality, properties, and strength.

Staff members are active on national committees for surfacing standards to ensure that all products consistently meet impact attenuation tests. We are committed to providing safer playgrounds through our involvement with the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Upcycled Products

SpectraTurf is proud to take a stand in supporting our environment. We do this by going one step beyond recycling – upcycling through our Ecore™ TRUcircularity™ program. Upcycling is the process of taking a material at the end of its life and converting it into something else instead of throwing it away. When an old playground surface needs replaced, we remove the old surfacing and upcycle it for a new playground - nothing is taken to the landfills. In 2020, we were awarded a grant with CalRecycle Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery for this innovative process. To date, our involvement in this grant program has diverted approximately 123,255 tires from going to a landfill. That is true circularity.