SpectraPour CA: CalRecycle Rubber Playground Surfacing

Safety Playground Surfacing

SpectraPour CA safety playground surfacing is designed to meet the requirements of the California CalRecycle Tire Incentive Program and to date, our involvement in this program has diverted approximately 123,255 from going to a landfill. SpectraPour CA uses a special blend of California-derived reclaimed materials, which meets the program’s requirement. Other than changes to the cushion matrix, SpectraPour CA is visually identical to SpectraPour, our pour-in-place rubber safety playground surface.

For qualifying agencies, municipalities, school districts, and other grant recipients, SpectraTurf will provide assistance and grant certification for owners working within the CalRecycle grant programs when using SpectraPour CA. Contact us for more information for grant certification assistance.

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SpectraPour CA is a multi-layer system of shock-absorbing rubber material and a top layer of EPDM rubber granules. SpectraPour CA is mixed on-site, which makes creating unique designs, using brand colors, or adding logos and geometric shapes simple and efficient. SpectraPour CA may be used to provide ADA access to existing playgrounds, to retrofit existing play areas, or to fill entire new playgrounds with quality rubber surfacing that stays in place during use. To date, our involvement in this grant program has diverted approximately 123,255 tires from going to a landfill.

SpectraPour CA System Data

  • Multi-layer system – mixed, poured & troweled on-site
    • Base layer(s) of shock-absorbing rubber material
    • Half-inch-thick wearing surface of rubber granules
  • Available in 20 colors (colors can be mixed)
  • Create custom shapes and designs
  • Porous system may be installed over Type 2 road base, concrete, or asphalt surfaces
  • Typically used outdoors
  • Conforms to ADA requirements
  • IPEMA Certified
    • ASTM F1292 for head impact protection
    • ASTM F1951 for wheelchair accessibility
  • Available for our Ecore™ TRUcircularity™ Program
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System Specifications

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Data & Details

Warning: Like so many surfaces – including asphalt, sand, metal and plastic, all of which can be found on playground environments – rubber surfaces will get hot when exposed to direct sunlight. SpectraTurf strongly recommends that children wear shoes when playing or walking on any rubber surface, regardless of the manufacturer or specific type of surface.

IPEMA CertifiedIPEMA Certified

SpectraPour CA is IPEMA Certified