Lucinda Garcia Park

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Location: Monrovia, CA
Surface System Used: SpectraPour 
Completion:  2022

Lucinda Garcia Park
Lucinda Garcia Park


Lucinda Garcia Park is named after long-time Monrovia resident Lucinda Valentine Garcia who was a community activist dedicated to achieving racial equality. The park is located in Monrovia, California which has a rich Latino heritage. 

A number of enhancements were made as part of the park’s first renovation in over 40 years, and SpectraTurf was excited to be part of the memorable project.

Unique Project Features

The park’s renovation included expanding the park site with two new play areas, enhancing park walkways, and adding a walking trail loop around the park. Other amenities include new fitness areas, picnic space with tables and drinking fountains, a mural, and gardens.

The rubber safety surfacing throughout the new park features SpectraPour, SpectraTurf’s flagship pour-in-place system.

SpectraPour’s unique two-layer system includes a base layer of shock-absorbing rubber material and a half-inch thick wearing surface of rubber granules. These features, along with a 22-color portfolio and the ability to create custom shapes and designs, make SpectraPour a very popular choice for safety playground surfacing.

Lucinda Garcia Park’s play area for 2-5 year olds is designed to honor a historic train line that ran right by the park site decades ago. The SpectraPour surface installed in this area mimics a train track design – and the playground equipment sitting on top of the tracks looks like a train car.

Other areas of playground surfacing are creatively designed in bright colors to mimic grass and water. A hopscotch board is also designed into the area. 

Whether it’s for play or relaxing quiet time, there’s so much for visitors to do at Lucinda Garcia Park!

Photo Credit: Anna Alverio

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