Building Meaningful Play with Inclusive Playgrounds


Inclusive Playground with Rubber Safety Surfacing

“Play” brings people of all kinds and creeds together, breaking down barriers between those who might see others as “different” or unlike themselves. Action facilitates socialization, and encouraging children, parents, grandparents, and people of all ages and abilities to play together brings benefits that combat loneliness and segregation. But building an environment of inclusive play takes forethought and intentionality.

Parks and playgrounds are an integral part of bringing people of all ages and abilities together. While there are many elements to building an inclusive play environment, it all starts with choosing the right surfacing. The right surfacing meets requirements for accessibility, safety, and appeal.


Every person deserves the ability to play together, and that includes people with mobility challenges. Whether you need to access play areas with a wheelchair, a walker, a cane, or another mobility device, we at SpectraTurf want to pave the way. Our playground surfacing meet ASTM F1951 requirements for wheelchair accessibility. Our smooth, poured rubber surfaces conform to ADA requirements, creating a quality rubber surfacing that stays in place during use.


At SpectraTurf, we take the safety of our intergenerational users very seriously. Our playground safety surfacing meets ASTM F1292 requirements for head impact protection, reducing the risk of injury should someone fall during play. This is especially important in areas where children are running or are climbing to different heights. We take things a step further by only using durable materials and superior installation methods with our surfacing. This makes our systems more resistant to tearing, degrading, or shifting which creates unstable surfaces. With normal maintenance, our playground safety surfacing can help reduce injuries among children and adults of all abilities while in the play area. All playground visitors can count on sure footing with SpectraTurf systems.


Excitement about joining in the fun is part of what draws people of all backgrounds into a play environment. Our surfacing systems perfectly enhance any play area’s design aesthetic with varied colors, shapes, and materials. We have different systems to meet different playground needs. For example, nature-themed areas can use our Rubber Mulch, Bonded Rubber Mulch, or PlayGrass systems. Playgrounds that feature bright colors and designs might prefer SpectraPour or SpectraPour Supreme’s colorful, UV-stable high-density rubber surfacing to create exciting designs and play areas.

Surfacing creates appeal in other ways as well. Choosing a well-bonded surface for equipment-to-surface transition areas such as ramps and slides can help some play areas become more accessible for those who might struggle with transitions. Or, selecting a surface that can create colorful orientation pathways can help provide a way for those on the autism spectrum or the visually impaired to navigate the playground safely.

Creating an inclusive recreational environment helps people of all ages and abilities experience the many benefits of meaningful play. While there are many factors to consider, choosing safe, accessible, and beautiful playground surfacing serves as a strong foundation for building an inclusive environment. Quality play surfacing not only serves people’s physical needs, but it also creates a comfortable and user-friendly environment for people of all backgrounds to relax and connect.

Benefit from SpectraTurf’s decades of experience contributing to inclusive play environments by giving us a call and talking through the right systems for your playground design. Our superior quality, wide range of options, and network of experienced installers can help you create the best environment for inclusive play. Contact us to get started.